Blackjack – A Guide to Online Blackjack Play

Blackjack – A Guide to Online Blackjack PlayThe actual game play of blackjack is very simple to pick up be it on line or on land the aim ultimately is to beat the dealer, irrelevant of what the other players do. There maybe up to 8 people playing at a blackjack table, but each person is pitted only against the dealer, so its as if the blackjack table is yours alone.
The Best Online CasinosBelow is a listing of online casinos we’ve reviewed and ranked as being the best most trustworthy and reliable sites to play at. Each of these casinos is powered by software provided by highly acclaimed software providers featuring well over 300 games in many cases. Enjoy playing at transparant well regulated online casino sites today.Online CasinosBonusScoreReview$//1600 5.0$//1200 4.9$//1000 4.9$//1000 4.6$/1250 4.8More Blackjack InformationIf you wish to partake in the game you lay your wager on the table. You and everyone else around the blackjack table will be dealt two cards, including the dealer. The players’ cards are always dealt face down; the online dealer’s second card is usually dealt face up. Starting left of the dealer, the players will look at their cards in order to determine their next move. The aim of the game is to get closer to the sum of 21 than the dealer does without going over that figure. The dealer who is representing the house has very strict guidelines as to whether he can receive another card or not, these will be written on the table or available through the online casino rules and regulations players are free to choose what they think is best.If the player wishes to receive another card he must press the “hit” button that will be visible on the screen. A player may choose to hit as many times as he wants before he “stands”; once he has opted to stand, he may receive no more cards, and if he goes over 21 he has busted and is no longer in the game. Depending on the original cards he has been dealt, the black jack player has several options before he receives additional cards. If he has pairs, he may split those pairs, and run two hands by adding the value of his original bet to the table to be played on the second hand. When it comes to the value of the cards, the number cards are all worth their face value, the picture cards are all worth 10 and the Ace may be worth 1 or 11 depending on whether you wish to play it high or low. Having received his cards, the player may also have the option to double his bet; if the dealer also wishes to double, the player may redouble. All additional cards are dealt face up.Should the black jack players hand go over 21 he must immediately reveal what he is holding, and those cards will be left face up on the table until all the players have been dealt with. Once every player has made his actions the dealer must show his cards and hit if need be or stand if not. If the dealer busts, he pays out to ever player that is still in the game at even money; if he stands he must payout to any player who has a higher hand than him, and he collects the bets of those whose hands he beat.As for blackjack strategy, there is only one blackjack strategy that works. It’s called basic strategy and it is the mathematical calculation of what to do in every possible blackjack situation. The basic strategy table is easily available, and whilst it isn’t the most fun, this is the best way to win at blackjack.

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A Guide to the Best Online CasinosWelcome to Online Casino Wizard a trusted and reputable guide to the best online casino gambling sites. With so many online casinos to choose from at times it’s difficult to know which online casino is right for you. We’ve done our due diligence in researching and finding the best online casinos to play at. We provide online casino reviews of some of the best, most trusted and reputable online gambling sites out there. If you’re new to the world of online casinos and looking for more info click here.Online CasinosBonusScoreReview$//1600 5.0$//1200 4.9$//1000 4.9$//1000 4.6$/1250 4.8Quick Facts About Top 5 Best Online CasinosWe’ve put together some quick facts about the casino sites in which we’ve deemed to be the 5 best gaming brands. This information is intended to give you a general overview of the casino and its offering. We suggest reading the full reviews of online casinos before deciding where you’d like to play.Latest StoriesThere is always something new to report in the world of online casino gaming. As such well strive to bring you important news, articles and stories on a regular basis. Below youll find featured a selection of the latest news added to our site. For a full listing of news found here at Online Casino Wizard click here.There are lots of new online slot machines worth keeping an eye out for in August 2017 and some of the best new slots have been …The following progressive jackpot values are displayed in their own default currency but remember that you can play on all of these games in your own …Two of the hottest new online slot machines that we can recommend keeping an eye out for include the new Dirty Dancing slot from Playtech which …There are still plenty of attractive online casino promotions running at some of our featured online casinos and some of the best promotions are running over …Some of the very latest online slot machines that we can recommend keeping an eye out for in July 2017 include two new Playtech slots and …RSS FeedOnline Gambling Info & About Online Casino WizardOnline casino gambling has become a popular pastime for thousands of players from all around the globe. With more and more players joining online casinos each day, there is much information available that will be beneficial to new and returning players. This site is devoted to providing players with the latest information in regards to casino choices, software and casino bonuses. Each section of the site is divided so that players can find the information they need. One of the main sections of the site consists of various online casino reviews, including casinos that are offered to international players as well as those that focus on players who are from the United States. These casino reviews will be very helpful; for players who are comparing different casino sites and want to make sure a certain casino will meet their gambling needs. With these reviews, players can learn everything they need to make an educated decision and enjoy the best possible gambling experience online.There is also a section that discusses the various games and bonuses that will be found in online casinos. Each site will support different games, which will depend on the software that is being used. Players who are looking for specific game titles will have to make sure their chosen casino in fact offers that game. Many casinos will offer a variety of game titles. Even when operating with the same software. The section on bonuses will let players know the different options that are available to earn free casino cash and credits. It is important for players to have a complete understanding of how bonuses work before they redeem any deal at an online casino.Since so many players are looking for high payouts in online casinos, there is a section of the site that is solely focuses on progressive jackpot games that are created by Microgaming. Here, players can learn the details and features of some of the most popular games and will be able to choose one that offers an attractive theme. Great game features and the best possible jackpot winnings online.Online gambling is very popular and many players are joining online casinos each day. With news and stories about games, casinos and the legality of online gambling, players will be able to become educated about casinos, how they work and can learn what to expect when they access sites.Even though some players may have already experienced playing in an online casino in the past, the information that is provided at his site can be beneficial. By learning about different casino sites, various banking methods, bonus offers and much more, players will find that they have many options when they make the decision to become real money players at the top rated online casinos in the industry. The information at this site is up to date and will surely offer the information that players seek when making gambling decisions.